Fleas Pest Control

Fleas survive on animal blood. They may stick your pet and harm you also in some conditions. Blood loss in animals is usually due to fleas. It may lead to the worst, so it needs to remove soon. Get fleas pest control for your pet and house to have a healthy environment.

Types of Fleas

Although there are about 2,000 known Fleas species in the world. The most common fleas are founds in homes is cat fleas, dog fleas. 

Cat Flea

Cat Flea control

Color:- Black, Brownish black, reddish black 

Legs:- 6

Shape:- Flat

Size:- 2.5 mm long

Antennae:- Yes

Region:- Found throughout the United States

Habitat:- They live of female cats and produce 4-8 eggs after drink cat blood.

Threats:- Cat Fleas can bite humans when they dislodged from animal hosts. Bites fleas cause allergy in humans.

Dog Flea

Dog Flea control

Color:- Black, Brownish black,

Legs:- 6

Shape:- Flat

Size:- 1/8”

Antennae:- Yes

Region:- Found throughout the United States

Habitat:- Primarily Dog Flea is feed-in dogs but when they increase they start to bite humans.

Threats:- Dog Flea transmits the bubonic plague that is also transmit murine typhus to humans through infected rats of your house.

Bird Flea

Bird Flea control

Color:- Whitish and Opaque

Legs:- 6

Shape:- Flat

Size:- 0.5 mm

Antennae:- Yes

Habitat:- Theis Flea attack on birds. They also attack poultry, animals, and humans.

Region:- Found throughout the United States. Mostly moist and humid weather

Threats:- They often live in the nest but if they don’t find the birds they can attack the human also.

Human Flea

Human Flea

Color:- Dark Brown

Legs:- 6

Shape:- Flat

Size:- 1.5 to 4 mm

Antennae:- Yes

Region:- South America

Habitat:- Human fleas spread around the eyebrows, eyelashes, etc.

Threats:- Due to Flea have lots of disease in human-like Plague and also Bacterium Yersinia pestis. The human flea holds plague bacterium this cases killed millions of people in Eurasia.

Sticktight Flea

Sticktight Flea control

Color:- Brown, Light Brown

Legs:- 6

Shape:- Flat

Size:- 1 to 2.5 mm

Antennae:- Yes

Region:- Worldwide but specially in US

Habitat:- Sticktight flea is found in birds,  poultry, horses, etc. And sometime humans also. 

Threats:- As its name Sticktight Flea they strict on the host surface attach their heads to host skins and suck blood that cause blood-related complications like anemia.

Sand Flea

Sand Flea control

Color:- Brown, Reddish Brown

Legs:- 6

Shape:- Flat


Antennae:- Yes

Region:- Desert Areas

Habitat:- They found in warm areas, near-the-water areas, especially on beaches. Harmfull for both animals and humans. 

Threats:- If they Bite feeling is very annoying and itchy. The female fleas can lay eggs in humans skin that make you infected too. 

Ctenocephalides Flea

Ctenocephalides Flea control

Color:- Brown, Dark Brown

Legs:- 6

Shape:- Flat

Size:- 2.5mm

Antennae:- Yes

Region:- Southern California

Habitat:- Live on female cats and produce 4-8 eggs after sucking cat blood. Eggs accumulate on cat hair. 

Threats:- Cat fleas can bite humans when they are displaced from animal hosts. Biting fleas cause allergies in humans.

Rat Flea

Rat Flea control

Color:- Light Brown, Dark Brown

Legs:- 6

Shape:- Flat

Size:- 2.5mm

Antennae:- Yes

Region:- Norway

Habitat:- It ingests your brought pets like Mice, rats, and rabbits, etc.

Threats:- Rat Fleas does not infest home’s pets, but it can infest rabbits mice or rats. It is impotent to make a clean environment to keep

Springtail Flea

Springtail Flea Control

Color:- Creamy White

Legs:- 6

Shape:- More Rounded and soft body

Size:- 0.5 to 1 mm

Antennae:- Yes

Region:- Columbia and in high moisture are of the Earth. 

Habitat:- They live is dump areas and very small is size but they can jump up to four feets.

Threats:- They do not usually attack animals but they can attack animals, causing skin infections.

Fleas Removal Treatment

Remove fleas in your home is not an easy task. It takes so much time if you follow accurately all steps. You take approximately two weeks to kill fleas, means you can’t do it alone. To control fleas in your home in a very fast and effective way, remember to contact us.

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    Spray is a good way to get rid of fleas in your home and yard. Pesticides enters small places easily where fleas are hide. Flea like dark places, so sprays under your bad is important.

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    Treat pets

    Fleas feed on you pet and they consume your pets blood as food. Therefore treat your pet is so important to get rid of fleas. Fleas alos bites your pets.

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    Clean your home

    Cleaning home is very important to get rid of fleas. Sweep tiles and floors and vacuuming your carpet and furniture.

Fleas Pest Control Services

Flease is not just harmful to pets but harmful to humans also. So, getting help to remove fleas is necessory. Fleas pest control services will locate locations where fleas charges, remove them from the place and reduce the risk of disease.

Indoor areas allow closets, so the method we use for flea removal will be different. In the process of indoor pest control, the areas we include are

  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Washroom

The product we are using in Indoor flea removal is-

Sprays– This spray is utilized around the fleas leaving areas and on the route usually fleas.

Baits– Baits products are utilized to trap and figure out where the fleas are hides.

Pesticides Powders– If we cannot spray sprays or other pesticide products, we should use powder. Sprinkle a thin layer of powder on the target area of ​​the flea and let it stay for more than 24 hours.

Why We Need Fleas Control Services

Fleas can affect your pet and also affect you. If you own a pet and notice his pet, you must consider using flea control services. Fleas not only stick to the animals, but they can also spread harmful allergic reactions to you. Therefore, controlling and removing fleas is an important step to keep pets and families healthy.