Mosquito Pest Control

WHO says every year 500 million patients affected by Dengue and Malaria. And millions of people among them die from protozoal infection every year. But yet we do nothing to protect us and our family. So don’t be part of this disease and choose some mosquito pest control that will protect your family.

Cause of Mosquito Population Increment

Mosquitoes need a summer environment and water to grow their species. In addition, global warming is the cause of mosquito populations. Because global warming is warming our world every day. And mosquito needs a warm environment to grow its species. Also, mosquitoes like to static water, if you will not allow water to collect near your house such as litter cans and tire water, etc. then you will be able to defeat the mosquito.

Types Of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are as dangerous as the dinosaurs of yesteryear, the only difference is large and small. If they were large in size, they would eat us. The dinosaurs disappeared, but mosquitoes still exist. And they have grown its species. Today, more than 3000 mosquito species are available worldwide. We classified them into 4 categories called house mosquito, Asian tiger mosquito, yellow fever, and southern house mosquito. To know more about mosquitoes see the below table…

House Mosquito (Culex)

Mosquitos can be seen in the house & outside the house. Usually, they bite at night. Female mosquito gives 50 to 400 eggs at a time.

Name Culex Pipiens, Anopheles Mosquitoes

Color: Brown body and white wings.

Found in: Polluted water such as Storm drains and old tires.

Life span: 10 to 14 days to hatch and could take more time.

Disease: West Nile Virus, Malaria.

Asian Tiger Mosquito

Asian Tigar Mosquito is also known as forest mosquito can be seen in indoor & outdoor. Usually, bite at day time. Also, female mosquito gives 100 to 200 eggs at a time.

Name Aedes.

Color: Bright white or silver stripes on its abdomen.

Found in: Unlike culex, Asian mosquito, grows in clean water.

Life Span: 2 weak to 1 month.

Disease: Dengue, Zika 

Yellow Fever Mosquito (Aeded Aegypri)

Aedes Aedypti is similar to Assian tiger. Comman type of mosquito in Florida. It is an nuisance species.

Name: Asian Tiger.

Color: Similar to Aedes Albopictus.

Found in: Indoor, outdoor, And urban area.

Life span: 2 weeks to 1 month. Life span is also depend on enviromental conditions.

Disease: Yellow fever, Jaundice

Southern Mosquito (Culex Quinquefasciatus)

They are medium size mosquito and always rest on high places like a tree.

Name: Culex quinquefasciatus.

Color: Brown body and darker wings.

Found in: Polluted water such as septic tanks.

Life span: Eggs developed within 7 to 8 days. Time can be increased according to weather

Disease: West nile virus.

Types Of Treatment To Protect Your Yard

When we think about mosquito treatment first thing comes in our mind smoke products like Morten and Goodnight coil. But Many insect pest control companies provide various sprays, lotion, and wall sprays to protect your yard. See below for more information…

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    Remove Standing Water

    Basic treatment to protect your yard from mosquitos is, eliminate blocked water around your yard. Because mosquitos grow in standing water like flower pots and old tiers etc.

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    Treat Yard With Mosquito Spray

    One of the best ways to protect your yard with the help of mosquito spray product treatment. You can find a lot of mosquito repellent sprays on online shopping portals. Buy one of them and have a good sleep.

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    Use A Mosquito Larvicide

    Sometimes it is not possible to eliminate water like animal water pools, then we should buy Larvicides mosquito control method to protect our yard. The larvicide product is very helpful to prevent the growth of mosquitoes. It helps prevent the maturation of mosquito larvae.

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    Mosquito Traps

    And the final suggestion is mosquito nets, which produce carbon dioxide to attract mosquitoes and use a vacuum to eat mosquitoes. It also uses sticky paper to stick mosquitoes. But mosquitoes will take a whole month to eat which are very slow.

Mosquito Control Service

We have divided our services under three categories that is indoor, outdoor and organic services.

We provide 3 basic steps to prevent mosquitoes inside your house.

  • We use unique spray for your home walls to stop new mosquitoes from entering into the home.
  • One of the popular sprays for mosquito is Foggers or aerosols. They are highly active chemicals for preventing mosquito away from your yards/home.

Benefit from Mosquito yard control services

  • Stop mosquito population.
  • Block new mosquitos and kill new mosquitos.
  • Defend your family from dengue.

Why we need mosquito treatment service

Our concern is to keep your family away from dengue fever and malaria. Mosquitoes may harm your healthy life! Therefore, mosquito control is a necessary step to solve the problem of mosquito vector transmission. Standing water and densely populated water attract mosquitoes and many diseases. You need to operate the house safely to overcome these mosquito transmission problems. Examples include dengue fever, malaria and yellow fever. However, the Health Research Organization has proven that mosquitoes carrying dengue fever and malaria can kill you.

Overcoming the problem of mosquito treatment is a solution