Silverfish Pest Control

Is silverfish bothering you? Silverfish are not harmful to humans but damage property, especially books. And when you see them around, in a huge number than its a sign of danger for your property. Get rid of this problem by silverfish pest control service.

Types of Silverfish

Silverfish are multiple medium-size. And the maximum size of silverfish is 10 to 12 MM. Here we have described types of silverfish according to their physical condition. So let’s have a look at the list below.

Bristletail Silverfish

Bristletail Silverfish

Biological Name- Lepisma saccharina


Color- Light grey

Size- 0.2 to 0.8 inch in length. 

Location- Under leaf litter, bark, stones, seashore.

Common Silverfish

Common Silverfish control

Biological Name- Lepisma saccharina


Color- Silvery brown.

Size- 0.5 to 1.0 in long. 

Location- Usually in basements, bathtubs.

Four-lined Silverfish

Four-lined Silverfish control

Biological Name- Ctenolepisma lineata


Color- Tan with a gray cast.

Size- 12.8 to 16 mm.

Location- Outdoors under wood shingles.

Gray Silverfish

Gray Silverfish control

Biological Name- Ctenolepisma longicaudata


Color- gray color.

Size- 1.5 to 1 inch in length. 

Location- Dark warm places inside a house, fireplaces, bathroom vents, etc.

Firebrat Silverfish

Firebrat Silverfish pest control

Biological Name- Thermobia domestica


Color- gray color.

Size- 1.2 to 3.4 inches in length. 

Location- Cool places like basements, attics, garages, laundry rooms, etc.

Bristletail Jumping Silverfish

Bristletail jumping Silverfish Control

Biological Name- Archaeognatha


Color- Metallic color.

Size- 1.2 to 2 inches in length. 

Location- They found on the ground under rocks, stones, logs, debris, etc.

Silverfish Removal Treatment

Here are the many types of pesticide treatments for controlling the silverfish. Silverfish removal treatment most in use as baits, spray, dust, traps. Pesticides treatment needs the removal of food and pots from used areas.

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    Silverfish Baits Maxforce Complete, Intice Perimeter Bait, and Niban G are pest baits that have given good control of silverfish. Niban contains 5% boric acid. Intice Perimeter Bait includes 10% boric acid and lasts up to 90 days outdoors. Utilize these baits in flower beds, the perimeter around the home, in attics and crawl spaces as well as cracks and crevices indoors.

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    Spray with the basement wall, with a two or 3-foot band. If you already have a silverfish issue inside your house, then spray the home’s edge with an extra pesticide. Spraying the inside perimeter with a small band helps kill silverfish as they travel during the structure. In addition, you can set a pesticide bait like Entice Perimeter 10 in the attic.

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    Sprinkle diatomaceous earth in regions that silverfish are expected to hide including small, cracks, along baseboards and any other area where they visit. For this to be useful, you sprinkle at night and vacuum-clean the dust in the morning together with the dead silverfish. For avoid hurting your lungs, make sure you wear a protective dust mask when sprinkling the powder.

  • Live Catch Traps for rat


    Pro-Pest R.T.U.  Silverfish Trap this ready to apply trap by JF Oakes is a stylish design that allows trapping silverfish and other pests simple. This trap comes with a food attractant and is secure for pets and humans.  It also catches other insects and their larvae, like Firebrats, Museum beetle larvae, Psocoptera, and Drugstore beetles.

Silverfish Pest Control Services

Our services for controlling silverfish according to performing area are described in two categories one is indoor and outdoor silverfish control services. And these two sections include two processes one is an organic and the second is chemical pest control. 

In indoor insect control methods, the area we cover is-

  • Laundry Rooms
  • Bathroom
  • Books Boxes
  • Kitchen Wall Cracks
  • Other Places

The product we are applying to Indoor silverfish removal is-

Dust- This is fully waterproof insecticide dust. You can apply this product around the kitchen’s cracks, bathroom sewer manholes, and drains, etc. 

Spray- You can apply this product in your kitchen cracks and bathroom sewer manholes, etc. This product is very helpful for baseboards and bathrooms where silverfish like to eat the back of the wallpaper.

Baits- Intice 10 Perimeter bait is a good product for indoor and outdoor. So you can easily apply this product in lawns, attics, crawlspaces, etc. This merchandise will last up to 3 months.

Why We Need Silverfish Control Service

Silverfish is one of the reasons for damage of your precious books, documents, and other properties. May the damage is not much to identify the cause, but it can get worst. They can ruin your clothes, wallpapers and eats adhesives wherever it founds.

So, there is a need for quick identification, inspection, and application of Silverfish control.